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The Shifting Series Box Set

Genre: New Adult Romance
The Complete Trilogy

Will the pain they feel ever lead to pleasure or will they always be searching for something? Shifting together. Shifting apart. Making lyrical love, dancing wildly in the dark. Our music told the story for us. 

Author Note: *The Shifting Series is not paranormal. This Coming of Age Romance trilogy is a love story told in the dual POV of two best friends, Josh and Riley, woven poetically with his music and her dark poetry. It’s not an easy story to tell, but love isn’t always rainbows and sunshine and often times we must travel through the dark to find the light at the end of the tunnel. This is their journey.

Escape the Doubt

Is taking a chance with your heart worth the escape, or was it better to have never loved at all? Can forgiveness really set you free?
After the unexpected death of her Dad, and the haunting manner in which he died, Riley Shaw built invisible walls around her heart. Barriers she created to protect her from splintering into broken pieces that couldn’t be repaired. She was unable to move forward from her past, letting the guilt of her parent’s mistakes dictate her own choices.
Dean Warren was safe. Being with him was innocent and peaceful because she didn’t truly love him. His words held her captive in a false sense of security. His eyes were deceptive, and his promises of never pushing her beyond what she was willing to give were broken, leaving Riley in a state of regret and doubt.
Joshua Parker had the power to take what was left of Riley’s splintered pieces and ruin her completely, or make her whole again. He was her best friend, her next-door neighbor—everything she wanted and settled on never having. Loving him was as easy as breathing air. The fear of losing him forever was more real to her than the feelings she couldn’t escape.
When faced with the very thing she feared the most, and in the arms she thought were safe, Riley finds herself questioning every decision she has made over the past two years. When she finally escapes the doubt in her head, and accepts the truth in her heart, is it too late?

“I'm so close to the edge of the cliff that I know one more breath, one more inch, I could fall.” -Riley Shaw

Embrace the Moment

Torn apart by a tragedy, pushed together by fate. Nothing is coincidence.
Riley and Josh have been through it all together, first as best friends and now as a couple.
Faced with a decision that will test their relationship, these two learn to fight harder than ever before to keep their hearts intact. Once the decision is made, there is no going back. With the past creeping into their present, and miles between them, they learn nothing is easy. Every moment matters.
Can Riley and Josh survive the first year of college apart? Will their love remain strong enough to embrace every moment that belongs to them? Or will someone from the past interfere, take what he wants and ruin them forever?

"For each star in the sky, I have a reason why I love you. When you look up at night, never forget this truth." ~Josh Parker

Emerge into Forever

She escaped the doubt, and he embraced the moment. Shifting apart then shifting together. Could they finally emerge into forever?
One secret broke his trust, which led to both of their heartbreak. They both learned that sometimes love just isn't enough. Until now.
Nothing with them had ever been simple and coming home to right his wrong would be no different. Josh was prepared to say or do anything to fix his mistake and mend what he had broken between them. He wasn't expecting to find out his worst nightmare had come true. As usual, though, not everything is as it seemed.
Riley had been slowly spiraling into a dark hole of loneliness and despair without Josh. Rebuilding walls he had once broken down, pushing away everyone around her. One self-destructive mistake left her unguard

Disclaimer: Not recommended for anyone under the age of 17 due to underage drinking, sexual content and adult language.
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Gabe by Maryann Jordan

Genre: Adult Romantic Suspense

Alvarez Security Agency 
Former Special Forces brothers-in-arms now working together to provide an elite security service in the southern city of Richland. 
Gabe Malloy, dedicated to his brothers, spent his weekends with a cheap booze and easy women. When some of his friends finally settled down, he wondered if he would ever find the woman of his dreams. He just never expected to encounter her in an alley. 
Jennifer Lambert worked as a social worker for the city and would often take food to the elderly residents in her building. One night, in an alley behind a restaurant, she was startled by a tall, handsome man wanting to assist. Giving him the cold shoulder, she left...but dreams of him followed her long into the night. 
Gabe knew the independent Jennifer was a woman worthy of knowing, but convincing the beauty that she needed him was the challenge. Raising her young brother plus the responsibilities of the elder center, had kept her from looking for love...but she took a chance on Gabe. 
Now that he found her, can he keep her safe when someone threatens her and those she loves? Calling upon his brothers, Alvarez Security races to save her before it is too late. 

*Due to scenes of an explicit sexual nature and language that some consider crude, please be warned - for ages 18+ only! If you do not like alphas with heart who fall instantly in love with strong female characters while dealing with real life issues... again be warned!*

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Decker by A.D. Ellis

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

The boys are back, and Torey Hope is better than ever. 
When Decker Morgan returns to Torey Hope, he has no time for love and distractions. Always in control, his loyalties lie with himself and his family. His only interest is putting down roots and expanding his family business. 
Kate Turner had planned to leave Torey Hope after college, but she found that being there for her family took precedence. When she lands her dream job working for Decker at his family's business, The Center+, she realizes that Torey Hope is where she's supposed to be. 
When Decker hires Kate she turns his world upside down. She's brilliant, funny, beautiful, and completely off limits, due to Decker's self-imposed rules concerning work and family. Kate knows a secret that will make their attraction for one another a little less taboo, but she needs to convince Decker to take a chance. 
Decker has to decide if he'll give in to a forbidden romance or keep his tight control firmly in hand. Kate is possibly his perfect girl, but unexpected chaos and havoc at work threaten to tear her away. 
Will he find the courage to let go or will he lose the only girl he's ever wanted to keep close? 

**This is a contemporary romance with suspenseful elements intended for readers age 18+ due to mature language, sexual situations and violence. While there are no male/male sex scenes in this story, there are some detailed descriptions of male/male relationships.**

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Carol's Image by Maryann Jordan

Genre: Adult Romantic Suspense
Stand-alone novel in a series

When Detective Tom Rivers first meets beautiful Carol Fletcher, he thinks he has been visited by an angel. The gentle ER nurse attending him after an accident, captivates him and when she slips away, he searches diligently to find her. A man used to getting what he wants, Tom works to earn Carol’s trust, knowing that she is the woman for him.
Carol Fletcher, having grown up with her parent’s manipulations, is determined to make her own way and be her own person. She holds a secret and is cautious about giving in to the charms of any man, particularly the persuasive detective.
But once she gives him a chance, she finds acceptance as well as love in his arms.
When Carol becomes the object of a stalker’s infatuation, Tom vows to keep her safe. When the stalker’s intentions turns deadly, Tom is determined to stop at nothing to bring her back to safety.
Will Tom be able to save Carol from herself as well as the stalker?

**Due to adult content, sexual scenes of explicit nature and language some may consider crude, 18+ only, please.**

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Laurie's Time by Maryann Jordan

Genre: Adult Romantic Suspense
Stand-alone novel in a series. 

Beautiful Laurie Dodd was perfectly happy with her life. Raised by her loving aunt, she was ready to discover life out on her own. A new town, a new teaching job, a new apartment, and new friends. Finding a new man was not on her list, especially not one with the reputation of a player.
Rob McDonald, a local firefighter, had grown tired of one-night stands, but had no desire to be paired with the new woman in town. Until he met her. One look was all it took and Rob knew that Laurie was the one for him, but he was going to have to work to convince her that he was a changed man. One that was worthy of her.
A fire at the elementary school brought them together, but illness and deceit threatened to tear them apart.
Will Rob be able to find the missing pieces of Laurie’s past to help her fight for her future?
Will Laurie be able to forgive Rob’s deceit in order to have a future with him?

**Due to adult content, sexual scenes of explicit nature and language some may consider crude, 18+ only, please.**

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Emma's Home by Maryann Jordan

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Stand-alone novel in a series. 

Emma Dodd has always taken care of everyone. She raised her niece when they were orphaned and she cares for the students that she works with. Deciding to move to Fairfield where her niece now lives, she was hoping to finally find a place to call home.

Jake Campbell, was gorgeous enough to catch any woman's eye, but he had a hard time finding the right one for him. A Fairfield detective, he lives with his mother to help care for her since she was diagnosed with a debilitating disease. After meeting Emma, he knows he has met the woman of his dreams. Now he just has to convince the independent Emma that it is time someone took care of her.

While helping one of her students, Emma becomes suspicious of criminal activity in her new town. Will Jake be able to save Emma in time for them to build a life together?

**Due to adult content, sexual scenes of explicit nature and language some may consider crude, 18+ only, please.**

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Serendipity by Andrea Michelle

Serendipity (A Verona Beach Novel)
Genre: New Adult Romantic Suspense

It's been four years since Dylan moved away. Four years since Cameron became the girl with many secrets.

As the bassist of Grim Reaper, a popular indie rock band on Verona Beach, Dylan Scott is used to getting what he wants. Problem is, he's not sure if what he wants is the life he's been living anymore. Something is missing. He can't shake the memory of the girl he left with a broken heart in Madison. He never forgot.

Cameron Kincaid grew up privileged, daughter of a high profile trial attorney in Madison. Problem is, underneath the perfect smile and beautiful exterior are skeletons and secrets.  Her mission for spring vacation is to leave it all behind, shed her skin on the beach of Verona with her best friend, Becca. She wants to forget.

He's well on his way to enjoying his night with a girl he won't remember. She's well on her way to losing herself with a guy she met on the beach. They have no idea they are on a collision course with fate. An awkward chance encounter reunites them. This time he doesn't want to let her go and she doesn't want to resist.

Cameron is everything he's missed, but is she the same girl he fell for?
Dylan is everything she wants, but can she handle the guy behind the bass guitar?

Serendipity brought them together again. Will her secrets tear them apart, or will his desire to keep her safe and in his arms in Verona keep them together?

**Recommended for 18+ due to adult language, strong sexual content, drinking and situations deemed inappropriate for younger readers.**

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